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Temporary Change or Permanent Change

There are numerous methods of producing relaxation of your mind and/or body. Some of them involve the active intervention of a therapist, while others do not. Some of these methods are the following:

  • Biofeedback

  • Meditation

  • Guided imagery

  • Relaxation scripts

  • Relaxation music

  • Hypnosis

  • Massage

  • ​Yoga

All of these can be marvelously effective for producing a state of deep relaxation throughout your body, including your mind. However, all of them produce a temporary effect. This is fine if all you want is a treatment that will make you feel better for a short time. However, no amount of achieving and enjoying deep relaxation in a therapist's office will solve your problem of stress disorders. If you want to change your physiology permanently so that you become a calmer person and eliminate your stress disorders, you must do something more.

What you need to do to accomplish permanent change is to practice putting yourself in a state of deep relaxation twice a day for about twenty minutes, and then continue to do this regularly for about six months. It is helpful to add practicing the Minis as directed. After you achieve your goal of eliminating your stress disorders, maintenance is accomplished by practicing once a day indefinitely.

​You can re-balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and eliminate your chronic low-grade tension by using Autogenic training, progressive relaxation, or Autogenic phrases. These are the methods I have had experience with and which have been researched thoroughly. Therefore, I know that they are effective. I believe that the best way for you to accomplish your goal of permanent change is to practice Autogenic Training regularly. Adding the Minis to your regimen will shorten the time it takes to reach your goal. It is possible that doing the Minis by themselves for six months or so would eliminate your stress disorders. I believe that it is best to practice some form of deep relaxation plus the Minis. However, if you simply cannot find the time to do the Maxis, at least be sure to do the Minis.